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much of our work centres around the provision of completely new roofing packages for both new build, residential and commercial properties...

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Every roof will eventually succumb to the effects of age and the weather, and sooner or later you're likely to experience problems, so where here to resolve your roof...

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Our specialist fitters are competent with all types of flat roof systems, we are Rubberbond approved fitters. Repairs and replacements are no trouble...

Case Studies for J.A.L Roofing Ltd.

New Zealand Lane
8 Houses

A new site completed by J.A.L Roofing Ltd of 8 3-4 bed house for a regular customer of ours.

Half the site done in one colour and the other in another colour. Completed over a number of
months in phases
Case Studies


Park Farm
New Build

A Spacious and beautiful new build in Burneston, Derbyshire. Completed using Marley Smooth Blue tiles. J.A.L Roofing worked together with Frame Fast to design the windows that sin in the roof from the walls to make sure the roof windows were secure and watertight.
Case Studies


New Build Bungalow

J.A.L Roofing a very high spec modern new build bungalow completed with a Marley Riven
composite slate completed for a building company in Derby
Case Studies


Farnah Green
Slate Roofing

J.A.L Roofing undertook this project for a builder who was building his own house. His objective
was to build a house in keeping with the area but look like it has always been there.

The slate on the roof was diminished ton slate of which J.A.L Roofing had to sift and sort through
the slate and putting them into size of slate. A record was made of each slate so that in years to
come, if there are any breakages on the roof, the size is recorded.
Case Studies


Green Man Pub
Grade 2 listed building tiled roof

After Many years of being one of Ashbourne's premier nights out, the green man was no being
renovated and turned into a high end clothes shop. It was down to J.A.L Roofing to give all the
roofs a new lease of life. Included in the roof the roof was slate roofs, tiled roofs of which were
in a grade 2 listed part of the building so special care and research was taken to ensure these
were returned in the same manner as first laid. There were also a number of single ply
membrane roofs which were all given new insulation to create a warm roof.
Case Studies


Horsley Hall
Handmade tiles

This project was undertaken in phases. The original hall was demolished and this build was
erected in its place. Handmade tiles were used and all the lead work detail was completed
by J.A.L Roofing. With so many batches of tiles, the crates of tiles had to be mixed up by
J.A.L Roofing so not to get a patchy effect.
Case Studies


Laylands Estate
Retirement Village

A major on-going contract for J.A.L Roofing of the refurbishment of 61 cottages on this
retirement village. A contract completed in phases, with the first phase to strip and re-cover
the roofs in new clay tiles and the phases on from this to put the roof back using the original
tiles. This contract is on-going for J.A.L Roofing into 2014.
Case Studies


Loner's Lair

A project taken on for a regular client using handmade clay tiles. Again, so many batches of tile
all had to be strategically laid out to create the best effect. All the lead work was completed by
J.A.L Roofing Ltd. This project was completed in one phase.
Case Studies