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New Build Roofs

much of our work centres around the provision of completely new roofing packages for both new build, residential and commercial properties...

Replacement Roofs

Every roof will eventually succumb to the effects of age and the weather, and sooner or later you're likely to experience problems, so where here to resolve your roof...

Flat Roofs

Our specialist fitters are competent with all types of flat roof systems, we are Rubberbond approved fitters. Repairs and replacements are no trouble...

Case Studies for J.A.L Roofing Ltd.

Allestree Lane

A small but never the less important project undertaken by J.A.L Roofing of a newly constructed
porch of which at a later date J.A.L Roofing were brought back and asked to carry out a re-roof
on the main house.Case Studies


Fortecrete Gemini tiles

This project was for a Landlord of a property. He wanted a cost effective way of having a new roof
but didn't want the look of large heavy looking tiles. J.A.L Roofing showed him samples of a
Fortecrete Gemini tiles and that was him set for a new roof.
Case Studies


Nottingham Road
New felt, battens and concrete tiles

This project was for a private client whose roof had been repaired several times and after having
new windows in the front of the house, the small gable had started to drop. J.A.L Roofing's objective was to give the roof a new covering with new felt, battens and concrete tiles. Also was to re-form
the front gable end and make sure it was secure for years to come.
Case Studies


West Bank Avenue

When taking on this project, we knew special and extensive care was taken by the client to
research and choose the covering of the roof to ensure it was in keeping with the rest of the street.

The client at the same time as needing a new roof did not want the roof to stand out too much as
a new roof. They had seen a handmade tile which they had liked. J.A.L Roofing organized for the
rep to come to the property and we all helped to advise on the appropriate tile for the property,
and the end result is just what they were after.
Case Studies