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Pitched Roofs

There are many types of roofs and roof coverings so there is so much to choose from. The look of you roof can really set the rest of the house off when done in the right way and at J.A.L Roofing, we can use out expertise to advise you of the best possible outcome.


Different types of Pitched Roofing

Natural Slating

Artificial Slating

Plain Tiles (Concrete/Clay)

Pan Tiles (Concrete/Clay)


Roof Assured Sika Sarnafil

Other things to look out for on roofs is the pitch. Some products do not suit certain pitches of roof and if used on a pitch that is too low, the roof will most probably leak. This is all things your professional roofing contractor should advise you on.


When doing a re-roof, it falls under ‘Part L’ building regulations. This means that when 50% or more of the roof is being stripped, LABC (Local Authority Building Control) should be made aware of the project and the insulation levels in the loft space should be checked and brought to building regs standards. If the LABC are not informed, it could mean a fine for both the contractor and/or the customer.


Due to J.A.L Roofing being apart of the ‘Competent Roofer’ scheme we can self certify the ‘Part L’ regs and with this, issue you with our 10 year insurance backed warranty

When asking for a survey on a roof there is a set fee of 180.00 Inc VAT. With this you will be given a quotation as well as a written report to give to your solicitor. If you take us up on the quotation, you will be refunded the survey fee off your final bill.

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